My love for skin care began many years ago. Like many of you, I struggled with acne & the embarrassment that comes with having it. My mom started taking me in for facials after we tried about 10 skin care lines, miscellaneous magical potions  & the old wives tales like putting tooth paste on your zits. The first time I went in for a facial I had no idea how it worked. It was my last resort and I had my fingers crossed that it was going to work. After getting a little claustrophobic from the steam and being mutalated by the extractions I wasn't too sure about the whole facial thing. It took a few days for me to realize, we were on to something! My skin actually showed improvement! I went in for a facial about every 2 weeks and before I could get impatient, my acne was almost gone.  This was absolutely amazing to me, feeling confident in myself and actually feeling pretty without having to cake on make up. I thought, how cool is this lady's job? Making such a difference in someones self-esteem was priceless to me. I wanted to know more...

  For the time being I continued my esthetics education at my grandmas house in the summer time using her old remedy books which involved herbs. I started to realize that those recipes worked too. Maybe our ancestors did know something? 

   A few years later I went to Paul Mitchell for an esthetics license so that I could make people feel all of the things that I felt after getting rid of my acne. I was determined to make a difference in skin care.  

  After I received my license, I lived in Tennessee for about 3 years where I worked as a traditional esthetician gaining so much knowledge from my beloved colleagues about the beauty industry and business in general. I have a mentor that I truly believe helped pave my path to where I am today. Sonja is the owner of the Merle Norman spa I worked at in TN and she showed me that you can litterly do anything that you set your mind to. She is so pationet about her job and so kind to others. she worked right along side us in the spa doing all of the things that we had to do daily while raising 4 kids by herself. This woman was unstoppable & still is to this day as she has now expanded,  adding a salon and another location! I am so thankful I was able to learn from someone so hardworking and courageous. 

   When I moved back home to Galt, I worked for another 3 years on my own but I was burnt out,  I knew that I could do so much more with my career. After struggling so much with my health I had taken a turn to the homeopathic side of medicine and it completely changed my health. One day being a bit down on myself, I thought there has to be something like this for skin care. I typed into google, "organic skin care" and pressed search. It was then that I was led straight to Laurel Whole Plant Organics. This brand has changed my life as well as my facials. It has given me so much inspiration and it has taken me back to my curiosity many years ago with my grandmas old remedy books. I am so very proud that this 8 year journey though, sometimes rough, has lead me to opening Skin BY JB Holistic Spa where I can offer you the best of the best in organic skin care and truly educate you on your skin and its wellbeing. I still have a need to know more and I am proud to continue my education not only on advanced techniques but on herbalism too! 

 Thank you for supporting this small business and dream of mine. 

See you soon!






Jessika Blevins 

Owner / Esthetician